Festival Ginga Nago 2012

Un aperçu du festival de capoeira de Ginga Nago entre Tours Nantes et Paris en images.


Crédits Photos : Sébastien Bouchard (c) et Jérémie Cormier (c)

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3 réflexions sur « Festival Ginga Nago 2012 »

    • Thanks for the updates and the weisbte. Very usefule and interesting. What do you think about paleo diet approach for capoeiristas? I heard that some instuctors really follow this diet and among them Ido Portal (well, he is not only capoeira instructor anymore .

      • Paleo diet sounds very interesting to me. I am not so keen on eating mainly meat, I do believe we should eat less meat in a week. But the sport, philosophy around the paleo diet is definitely something linked to the art of movement and can be really great. I didn’t know ido portal, I have watched few videos and his work seems very nice. If you find on internet, you can also have a look at Ginastico Natural which has some similar root, although it’s mainly focus on physical conditioning.

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